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Our Partners

Become an ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk PARTNER!

WHO do we partner with?

Funded by the EU, the ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk provides FREE support to European chambers of commerce, European trade associations, and other European SME business/entrepreneurship networks and incubators, both in Europe and South-East Asia, to raise awareness about IPR in the ASEAN region for EU SMEs.

WHAT we can offer you and your members

  • Free enquiry helpline – refer your SME members’ ASEAN IPR questions to our experts and receive a confidential response within 3 working days
  • Business-focused IPR guides & training materials available for download
  • Expert speakers & materials sent to your training events for free
  • Articles about IPR protection in South-East Asia for your newsletters
  • Website in EU 6 languages, with E-learning modules, videos, case studies, podcasts, and information about our training events and live webinar sessions
  • Link up with us via websites, social media & our blog Your IP Insider, to stay up to date on our services and on ASEAN IPR news


To discuss how we can partner with you, please get in touch:


Advantage Austria

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (Foreign Trade Promotion Organisation) offers support to Austrian companies interested in export. When it comes to marketing products and services, establishing networks with international partners and providing first-hand market knowledge, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA helps you to get a foothold on the global markets.

Key services we offer are: Information: It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time exporter or an export pro, our experts have information on countries, industries and specialist topics such as internationalisation, export financing, technology, trade fairs and the flow of goods. Coaching: Our global network with over 100 locations enables us to give you comprehensive support: we evaluate your business potential, put you in touch with potential clients and partners, organise your business trips and – where necessary – we will even intervene with public authorities or partners. Events: At our events we can present your company abroad to carefully selected target groups.

What is more, you also have the opportunity to present yourself on the Austrian economic portal abroad: www.advantageaustria.org.



AGORiA is Belgium's largest employers' organisation and trade association representing more than 1.600 members active in the technology industry in Belgium, more specifically in the following sectors : Aerospace - Automotive - Construction products - Contracting & Maintenance - Electrical engineering - Industrial automation - Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - Mechatronical engineering - Metals & Materials - Metal processing - Mounting & Cranes - Plastics - Security & Defence.

Website: www.agoria.be


Anti-Copying In Design (ACID)

ACID is a trade association for designers and manufacturers with a diverse membership ranging from individuals to multinationals and spanning many industry sectors. The organisation is committed to fighting design theft and working with Parliament for design law reform. ACID's key objectives are protection, deterrence and education, driving towards a safer commercial trading framework, enabling originators to fully exploit and maximise their IP rights.

Website: www.acid.eu.com


Applied Research and Communications Fund

Established in 1991, today ARC Fund (Applied Research and Communications Fund) is the premier Bulgarian innovation policy and research institute. Its activities encourage competitiveness and growth of economies in Southeast Europe through promotion of innovation and transfer of advanced technologies and know-how. ARC Fund facilitates the cross-border networking and capacity building of SMEs, research community, NGOs, and public and private agencies, and establishes a sound network of contacts with enterprises in key areas like energy, environment, transport, ICT, etc...



Business Beyond Borders

Business Beyond Borders, is a European Commission initiative which will help businesses, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Clusters, to operate internationally with the ultimate goal of increasing economic growth within and outside Europe.

Additional support will be provided to companies participating at international fairs by establishing a series of Business to Business (B2B) and Cluster to Custer (C2C) matchmaking events and by supporting the development of the companies’ activities in target markets in Europe and worldwide.

For more information about the future events, please click here.



Business Innovation Croatian Agency – BICRO

The Business Innovation Croatian Agency – BICRO is the key governmental organisation in charge of catalysing the innovation process. BICRO both develops and coordinates national policy measures related to innovation on one hand, and the necessary financial instruments on the other, with the ultimate aim of motivating the private and public sector to raise the levels of investment in R&D. BICRO is active in the European commission EU IPR Helpdesk initiative with 2 IPR ambassadors appointed to help SMEs with issues regarding IPR in Croatia. For free expert advice on Croatian IPR, SMEs can e-mail questions to een@bicro.hr and they will receive a reply from one of the Helpdesk experts within 3 working days.

Website: http://www.bicro.hr


Business Support Centre Cyprus

The Business Support Centre Cyprus, member of the Enterprise Europe Network, operates in the Republic of Cyprus and is coordinated by the Research Promotion Foundation. It provides a range of services for the benefit of SMEs as per the Enterprise Europe Network’s activities

Website: www.bsccyprus.org.cy/


China IPR SME Helpdesk

The China IPR SME Helpdesk supports European Union (EU) small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to both protect and enforce their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in or relating to China, through the provision of free information and services. These take the form of jargon-free, first-line, confidential advice on intellectual property and related issues, plus training events, materials and online resources. For free expert advice on China IPR, EU SMEs can e-mail questions to question@china-iprhelpdesk.eu, and they will receive a reply from one of the Helpdesk experts within seven working days. The China IPR SME Helpdesk is co-funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry (DG ENTR).

Website: www.china-iprhelpdesk.eu


Confederación Empresarial de Madrid (CEIM)

CEIM, the Confederation of Employers and Industries of the Madrid Region, is composed of more than 280 business organisations. After 30 years of activity, it is the largest business organisation of the Madrid Region. One of CEIM's main objectives is to promote and support the development of Madrid companies in the international arena. They also frequently work in conjunction with PromoMadrid, ICEX and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid to provide events and services for Madrid companies such as business matchmaking events and business lecture series.

Website: www.ceim.es



EALink is a one-stop-shop where European SMEs and business organisations can find key information and relevant links to develop business in Asia.

EALink gives you direct access to various European business support initiatives in Asia, with latest reports, trainings, seminars and services. With only 2 clicks away, EALink puts you in direct contact with Asia based experts and organisations, who can answer your questions and help you to be successful in different Asian markets.



Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network is the largest network of contact points providing information and advice to EU companies on EU matters, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Launched in 2008 by the European Commission, the Enterprise Europe Network is made up of close to 600 partner organisations in more than 40 countries, promoting competitiveness and innovation at the local level in Europe and beyond.

Website: http://www.enterprise-europe-network.ec.europa.eu/index_en.htm


EU - VIETNAM Business Network

The objective of EVBN is to increase trading from European Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to Vietnam and to strengthen the EU Business Sector in Vietnam through market access and advocacy. EVBN will also promote the growing opportunities on the Vietnamese market to EU companies and Vietnam as a gateway to the SEA market. The EVBN supports activities in four components: Government and Public Affairs Structure / Trade Advocacy, Business Support Services provision, European Outreach and ASEAN Regional Integration.

To learn more about our activities and services, please visit: www.evbn.org.


EU Business Avenues in South East Asia

EU Business Avenues in South East Asia is an EU-funded initiative helping European companies to establish long-lasting business collaborations in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. This is a branch of the wider EU Gateway | Business Avenues, a flagship programme of the European Union which is also targeting Korea and China.

The programme offers market intelligence, coaching and support to selected European companies participating in a week-long business mission to South East Asia.

Each participating company will have a dedicated exhibition space to showcase its products and services, and will also benefit from personalised matchmaking services, including pre-arranged meetings with potential business partners in South East Asia.

EU Business Avenues in South East Asia focuses on seven key sectors

·         Environment & Water Technologies
·         Green Energy Technologies
·         Construction & Building Technologies
·         Healthcare & Medical Technologies
·         Information & Communication Technologies
·         Contemporary European Design
·         Food & Beverages

The business mission always goes to Singapore and in one of the other dynamic markets. Each business mission accommodates up to 50 European companies and there will be 20 business missions from 2016 to 2020.

If you are looking to expand your business to South East Asia check the Business Missions Calendar and apply now!

More info: www.eu-gateway.eu


EU-Indonesia Business Network

EIBN results of a partnership between EKONID, EuroCham Indonesia, IFCCI, INA, BritCham, EUROCHAMBRES and CCI Barcelona, a project initiated and co-funded by the European Commission. The Network pools their expertise and experience to attract EU businesses from all Member States to the Indonesian market and directly support their activities in the country through business support services.

The project’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the diversification of EU trade and investment in Indonesia. EU companies are welcome to register and contact EIBN through the Web Portal’s messaging system, the EIBN team will reply within 4 working days: www.eibn.org/en/page/login

Website: www.eibn.org


EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EUMCCI)

Our mission is to promote, support and develop EU business interests in Malaysia as well as facilitate trade, commerce and investments between EU and Malaysia. In order to fulfill its mission, EUMCCI carries out activities that will catalyse and stimulate networking of European companies in Malaysia with the Malaysian business community, business associations, relevant ministries, official representations and other Chambers in Asia. 

EUMCCI has been awarded their fourth project co-funded by the European Commission: Support for European Business in South East Asia Markets - Malaysia (SEBSEAM-M) is aimed at promoting Malaysia as a direct trade and investment destination and as an easy, cost-effective gateway to the ASEAN market of 600 million consumers. Implemented by EUMCCI (EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and liaising closely with over 20 project partners, the activities are directed to offer the EU business community a set of tools to enter, sustain and operate successfully in the Malaysian market. 

Email: eumcci@eumcci.com 

Website: www.eumcci.com


EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN)

The EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN) is a project co-funded by the EU and implemented by a consortium of European Chambers of Commerce based in the Philippines. Its aim is to provide a support framework for European companies, especially SMEs, interested in exporting to or investing in the Philippines. A dedicated team, composed of an executive office and partner coordinators, is working to provide a full spectrum of support services to interested companies.

By pooling together the expertise of partner chambers in the Philippines, coordinating with ASEAN partners and utilizing resources made available by the EU, the project intends to pave way for EU businesses to successfully access one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economies in the South-East Asian region.

Website: www.epbn.ph




EURATEX's main objective is to promote the interests of its members while taking into account the European Union's institutional framework and its international obligations. As the voice of the European textile and clothing industry, EURATEX's main objective is to create an environment within the European Union which is conducive to the manufacture of textile and clothing products. Its headquarters in Brussels are within touching distance of the major decision-making bodies of the EU, at Commission, Parliament and Council level.

In this context, the major areas of concern to EURATEX over recent years have been: to ensure the smoothest possible transition into the quota-free era, to promote a further expansion of the EU exports of textiles and clothing, to promote legislation and its application in the field of intellectual property, to support measures which enhance environmental protection but which are at the same time acceptable to the industry, to promote and participate in research, development, innovation and other educational or social projects which bring value added to the industry at European level, to engage in a constructive social dialogue at EU level with our social partners, and to disseminate economic and statistical data to the membership.

Website: www.euratex.eu


EuroCham Cambodia

EuroCham Cambodia was inaugurated on June 2nd, 2011 with the support of the three founding European Business Organisations: the Chambre de Commerce Franco-Cambodgienne (CCFC), the British Business Association in Cambodia (BBAC) and the Arbeitskreis Deutsche Wirtschaft (ADW).

EuroCham was established with the objectives of promoting the interests of European businesses operating in Cambodia, facilitating the entry of European companies into the market and creating an extensive support network among corporate and individual members alike.

In this context, EuroCham activities include partnerships with the governments in the areas of taxation and dispute resolution, the creation of sector-specific Committees under the EuroCham umbrella and provision of a range of services to European Businesses.

Website: www.eurocham-cambodia.org


EuroCham Myanmar

The European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar – EuroCham – serves as the voice of European business in Myanmar. Its main mission is to advocate member interests with organisations in Myanmar, the ASEAN region and the EU.

With a strong growing network of partner organisations, EuroCham seeks to offer on the ground assistance to European businesses interested in commercial endeavours in Myanmar – be it in the form of advocacy, services, studies, or other related activities.

Find out more on eurocham-myanmar.org


EuroCham Myanmar

The European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar – EuroCham – serves as the voice of European business in Myanmar. Its main mission is to advocate member interests with organisations in Myanmar, the ASEAN region and the EU.

EuroCham Myanmar, funded by the European Union, was formally launched in Yangon in December 2014. The creation of a European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar reinforces the mutually beneficial relationship between the EU and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The European Union was in fact one of the first actors to respond to the country's political opening, suspending in April 2012 its restrictive measures except for the arms embargo. This was followed by the full lifting of sanctions in April 2013. In July 2013, Myanmar was reinstated as a beneficiary of the “Everything But Arms” initiative under the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP). This allows companies to enjoy duty-free and quota-free access to the European single market with over 500 million consumers.

Website: http://www.eurocham-myanmar.org



EuroCham Vietnam

Since its establishment with only 60 members in 1998, the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham) has grown to represent more than 750 European businesses, counting among its supporters many of the world's leading enterprises. With offices in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, EuroCham’s mission is to represent the business interests of our European members in Vietnam, and to improve the business environment in Vietnam for the benefit of all players. EuroCham also aims at helping Vietnamese enterprises to successfully meet the many challenges posed by the nation's ongoing global economic integration.

Website: www.eurochamvn.org


European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA)

CLEPA is the European Association of Automotive Suppliers. 84 of the world's most prominent suppliers for car parts, systems and modules and 26 National trade associations and European sector associations are members of CLEPA, representing more than 3,000 companies, employing more than three million people and covering all products and services within the automotive supply chain. Based in Brussels, Belgium, CLEPA is recognised as the natural discussion partner by the European Institutions, United Nations and fellow associations (ACEA, JAMA, MEMA, etc).

Website: www.clepa.eu


European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

The European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (EuroCham) has the mission to represent the common interests of the European business community in promoting bilateral trade, services and investments between Europe and Singapore and Asia-Pacific. It was established in 1991 as the European Business Association and has been active since 2001 when it became a Chamber of Commerce. 

EuroCham is a non-profit membership fee-based organisation with a membership composed of the European National Business Groups (NBGs) in Singapore as well as direct corporate members. EuroCham provides its members with an information and exchange forum and a lobbying channel to Singaporean and European political & economic circles. EuroCham is the sole European representative at the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Council.


European Engineering Industries Association (Orgalime)

Orgalime, the European Engineering Industries Association, speaks for 33 trade federations representing some 130,000 companies in the mechanical, electrical, electronic, metalworking & metal articles industries of 22 European countries. The industry employs some 9.7 million people in the EU and in 2010 accounted for some €1,510 billion of annual output. The industry not only represents some 28% of the output of manufactured products but also a third of the manufactured exports of the European Union.

Website: www.orgalime.org


European IPR Helpdesk

The European IPR Helpdesk provides direct support and advice in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues to beneficiaries of European Union (EU) funded projects focusing on Research and Technical Development (RTD) as well as Competitiveness and Innovation Programmes (CIP).

At the same time the European IPR Helpdesk provides direct support and advice to EU Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), including micro-enterprises, in general in the process of negotiating or concluding transnational partnership agreements, especially through the Enterprise Europe Network.

Website: www.iprhelpdesk.eu



Finpro is a globally operating organisation that helps Finnish companies grow internationally and successfully. Finpro has over 350 professionals working in 65 offices in more than 40 countries. Finpro serves companies by enabling them to be at the right markets at the right time with a competitive offering and concept. Finpro as a public-private partner belongs to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy Group and works closely with other players in Finnish innovation ecosystem such as ELY-centers, Tekes and Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Website: www.finpro.fi


Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI)

The mission of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI) is to foster the development of the economy, the safety of business transactions and fair market practices, and the representation of the common interests of those carrying out business activities. HCCI especially aims at strengthening small and medium sized enterprises, by increasing their competitiveness and creating proper co-operation between small businesses and multinational companies. Today the voluntary based chamber system is supported by more than 33,000 companies.

Website: www.mkik.hu


Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency

The Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) was established by the Government to promote the international business activities of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises and to encourage foreign businesses to invest in Hungary. The Agency is a central organisation subordinated directly to the Prime Minister. The activities of the Agency are controlled by the Prime Minister, as prescribed by law, via the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations at the Prime Minister's Office.

Website: www.hita.hu



ICHAM, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, has started its activity at end of 2008. ICHAM’s main purpose is to undertake activities to support commercial exchange between Vietnam and Italy, to assist economic agents and foster the development of economic relations and cooperation between the two countries. ICHAM cooperates with public and private institutions in Italy and the European Union such as the Chamber of Commerce Network, the associations of enterprises, export consortia, and all other interested agents through the realization of projects and initiatives.

Website: www.icham.org.



A German cluster of INNOMAG stands for the promotion of magnetic micro and nanotechnology including their different sensor principles – which primarily are based upon the AMR-, GMR- and the Hall Effect as well as on the advanced TMR technology.

The GMR effect, discovered by Peter Grünberg (honorary member of the German cluster) in 1988, has considerably contributed within a very short time to a substantial further development in the area of memory and information technology. As in other areas, the future potential is still far away from being fully utilised.

The German cluster is a registered association founded in 2007 with support of the Ministry for Econonomics, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture Rheinland-Pfalz. The association has 31 Members located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The main objective is the conjunction of resources in the area of research, development and assembly.

Therefore, all potentials of magnetic Microsystems technology should be bundled and coordinated. The advantages for all involved enterprises and research institutes are obvious: expansion of know-how, promotion of joined-up thinking and not least an improved added value.

Website: http://www.innomag.org/


Invest in Skåne

Invest in Skåne is the official regional business promotion agency for Southern Sweden. We are part of the marketing organisation called Business Region Skåne, which is owned by the regional council - Region Skåne - and the municipalities of Skåne. We provide professional advice and services to international companies considering Skåne for future investment and assist regional companies in developing their international business. Invest In Skåne offers tailor made services including information packages and introduction to relevant contacts in business and academic circles, potential partners and local authorities. We support your company by organizing visits to relevant sites and setting up meetings.

Website: www.investinskane.com



Own-it offers intellectual property (IP) advice, information and learning resources for the creative sector. We offer a range of services, from basic to specialist support, through an online enquiries system, online and face-to face seminars and workshops and, where appropriate, surgeries with IP lawyers. We work with a network of IP advisers including leading law firms, law schools and specialists at various trade organisations associated with the creative industries in the UK.

Own-it is funded by the University of the Arts London (UAL). Membership is free to all. UAL staff, students and recent graduates have free access to all services while external users pay a small nominal admin fee for some services such as sample contracts and IP clinics. To register with Own-it and gain free access to our resources, click here.

Website: www.own-it.org


Regionalne poradenske a informacne centrum Presov (RPIC Presov)

Regional Advisory and Information Centre Presov (RAIC Presov)

Regional Advisory and Information Centre Presov (RPIC Presov) is a business support centre operating in eastern part of Slovakia and providing services for entrepreneurs and participating in various regional, national and international projects and initiatives of European Commission.

RAIC Presov is an independent organisation with a non-profit character established to support and create conditions for development of SMEs with the purpose of the social-economic development mainly in the region of Presov as well as whole Eastern Slovakia

Tel: +421 51 75 60 330
Fax: +421 51 77 33 552
E-mail: een@rpicpo.sk
Web: www.rpicpo.sk


SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises has consistently fostered business development in Greece for nearly a century. It is an independent, non-profit association for employer and enterprises organisations sustained by membership fees and sponsorships only from members. SEV is in the forefront of economic and business developments and continuously adapts to rapidly evolving conditions. Today, it is the leading independent employers’ union and the independent voice of Greek business.

SEV Associations’ members represent today over of 85 billion euros in turnover that is about 50% of the turnover of all Greek limited companies. Almost 300.000 employees work in SEV members plus 400.000 who work for the members of our member organizations.

As the main, independent, employer’s organisation representing the collective vision of industry and the wider business community in Greece, SEV targets its activities for continuous improvement of the economic and business environment as well as the development and growth of enterprises. SEV focuses on shaping and promoting policies that express the concerns of the business community as it addresses to the society, the public administration, other social partners, as well as European and international organisations. SEV also provides members with accurate and timely business information on current issues.

SEV is actively involved in promoting and supporting Greek businesses to access world markets encouraging collaborations and joint actions with foreign companies. More specifically focuses on:

➢ coordinating the activities of Greek enterprises internationally.

➢ creating awareness in international economic and business circles about the potential of Greece and Greek firms.

➢ encouraging Greek businesses to participate in European, regional and international enterprising schemes.

➢ attracting foreign investments in Greece.

➢ promoting Greece as the economic and business centre in the region.

➢ promoting policies concerning the internationalization of Greek enterprises to the competent state authorities

To learn more about our activities and services, please visit: www.sev.org.gr.


Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

The Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce was established in 1996 with the aim of facilitating increased trade and investment between Thailand and Norway. It provides members with a forum to improve business conditions and opportunities as well as creating venues and channels for exchange and sharing of information. In a business forum the members can interact, gather and exchange information through a variety of functions and activities. The Chamber organises business related events from Breakfast Meetings covering current business affairs, to topical Business Seminars and Dinner Events featuring guest speakers.

Website: www.http://www.norcham.com/.


The Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE)

CECE is the recognised organisation representing and promoting the European construction equipment and related industries to achieve a fair competitive environment via harmonised standards and regulations. European construction machines represent about 30% of the worldwide production, and the industry behind CECE comprises 1,200 companies from 12 European countries. The CECE industry offers all kind of machines needed in the construction sector and related industries, like road making equipment, concrete equipment, tower cranes, crushing and screening equipment, construction site hoists and of course earthmoving equipment.

Website: www.cece.eu


The Czech Trade Promotion Agency

The Czech Trade Promotion Agency was established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in May 1997. The main objective is to promote the internationalization of Czech companies by facilitating their cooperation links with foreign entrepreneurs. Czech Trade's head office is located in Prague. By the end of 2011, Czech Trade operates 34 foreign offices in 39 countries worldwide (including offices in Shanghai and Chengdu). The network of Czech Trade´s foreign offices provides practical assistance to Czech exporters abroad, and represents an unique contribution to the promotion of Czech export.

Website: www.czechtrade-china.cn


The EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk

The EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk, managed by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, is a new service aimed at supporting EU and Japanese companies and individuals in their steps to search for technologies and understand the mechanics of tech transfer transactions, as well as bridging the knowledge gap about current available technologies from both Japan and the EU.

Website: www.eu-jp-tthelpdesk.eu


The European ASEAN Business Centre (EABC)

The European ASEAN Business Centre (EABC) is part of a strategy of the European Union to support the internationalisation of European SMEs and other European enterprises in enhancing market access in emerging and fast growing markets such as Thailand as well as ASEAN markets. Our aims are to increase and further diversify investment, market opportunities and access for European companies in Thailand and to promote Thailand as a high potential trade and investment market for European business. Our main activities include carrying out policy and advocacy work, providing support to European businesses with trade related information and organising key events to foster opportunities for European businesses in Thailand. Please visit us at www.eabc-thailand.eu for more information.

Website: www.eabc-thailand.eu


The European Ceramic Industry Association (Cerame-Unie)

Cerame-Unie is the voice of the European ceramic industry. It creates and maintains a constructive dialogue with the EU institutions, international partners and the social and environmental stakeholders by providing expertise in such important fields as environment and health & safety, climate change and energy, trade, construction, raw materials and standardisation.

Website: www.cerameunie.eu


The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES)

Tekes is the most important publicly funded expert organization for financing research, development and innovation in Finland and does not derive any financial profit from its activities, nor claim any intellectual proprietary rights. Tekes promotes a broad-based view on innovation: besides funding technological breakthroughs, the organisation emphasizes the significance of service-related, design, business, and social innovation. To that respect, Tekes works with top innovative companies and research units in Finland. All research, development and innovation funding is targeted to projects that create in the long-term the greatest benefits for the economy and society.

Website: www.tekes.fi


The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (INSME)

The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – INSME - is a non-profit Association, based in Rome (Italy), open to international membership. Its mission is to stimulate transnational cooperation and public and private partnership in the field of innovation and technology transfer to SMEs. Activities are supported by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.

Website: www.insme.org


The International Trademark Association (INTA)

The International Trademark Association (INTA) is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to the support and advancement of trademarks and related intellectual property as elements of fair and effective commerce. Headquartered in New York City, INTA also has offices in Shanghai and Brussels and representatives in Geneva, Mumbai and Washington D.C.

INTA membership is over 5,700 organizations in more than 190 countries and is comprised of companies from across all industries and sizes that own trademarks; law and service firms; and academics. INTA focuses on a number of benefits and services that provide value to our members including: policy development and advocacy at national, regional and international level; global trademark research materials; and education and training programs. The Association offers a wide range of complimentary resources and information on the basics of trademarks, via a dedicated SME Portal at www.inta.org/sme.

For more information about INTA visit the home page www.inta.org, or to contact an INTA office click here.


UK Intellectual Property Office

The UK Intellectual Property Office is the government’s Executive Agency responsible for IP. Their international arm leads on supporting UK businesses to succeed in the global economy. They work with international partners, government departments, businesses and others to develop an international intellectual property framework that meets the challenges of today’s increasing global markets. This is done by building relationships with policymakers from around the world to help shape the international debate on intellectual property.

In addition the team provides dedicated advice to companies on IP-related issues in ASEAN/China working closely with British business representatives to raise awareness of intellectual property and to support and advise businesses considering expanding to ASEAN/China and those already based in the region. The support is provided from the UK and also through the attaché based in the region. The international team aims to help businesses operating overseas to make the most of their intellectual property and to support the UK government’s drive for growth and trade.

Website: www.ipo.gov.uk/ip4b-abroad.htm


UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

With professional advisers across 96 international markets, UK Trade & Investment is the government department that helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy and assists overseas companies to bring their high-quality investment to the UK.

Website: www.ukti.gov.uk


UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC)

The UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC) is the leading UK-based organisation promoting trade and investment between the UK and ASEAN's dynamic markets.
We are passionate about helping UK companies of all sizes build new contacts, provide market insights and raise awareness of the vast commercial opportunities in the region. We also bring ASEAN to the UK through a sustained calendar of events as well as practical advice on the realities of doing business in the region and a network of useful contacts.


Verband Deutscher Maschinen  und Anlagenbau (VDMA)

The VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen - und Anlagenbau - German Engineering Federation) is one of the key association service providers in Europe and offers the largest engineering industry network in Europe. Representing 3,000 mainly small/medium size member companies in the engineering industry, it is one of the largest and most important industrial associations in Europe.

Website: www.vdma.org



AWEX, partner of the international economic development of Wallonia.

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) is in charge of the development and management of Wallonia's international economic relations.


With regards to foreign trade, the Agency has a promotion and information mission with regard to both the international and Walloon business community.


Intended for purchasers, decision-makers, importers and foreign prospects, the Agency can, on request:

•      pass on economic data regarding Wallonia and its export potential;

•      provide information on the products and services of Walloon businesses;

•      seek Walloon businesses for the conclusion of international partnerships;

•      distribute lists of Walloon exporters.


Vis-a-vis Walloon businesses, the Agency is their comprehensive international partner, providing a range of services and activities covering the entire export process:

•      General and commercial information on foreign markets;

•      Production of individual market studies on request;

•           Organisation of commercial canvassing operations (participation in international shows, organisation of economic missions, sector-based contact days, etc.);

•      Contacts with international organisations;

•      Promotion of Wallonia and its export potential;

•      Financial support and funding for exports;

•      Training and raising awareness of international professions.


With regards to foreign investment, the Agency provides general expertise in the areas of promotion, prospecting and informing potential investors. It also ensures active monitoring of investors based in Wallonia, as well a mission to find foreign buyers for Walloon industrial sites in the process of restructuring.


AWEX is also competent for the strengthening of the Wallonia brand image overseas.

AWEX has a workforce of more than 400 people and about one hundred offices overseas.






World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

WIPO is the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation.  It is a self-funding, specialized agency of the United Nations, dedicated to making IP work for innovation and creativity.  WIPO provides global services, through the PCT, Madrid and Hague systems, for protecting IP across borders.  The WIPO Singapore Office serves as a regional focal point for WIPO’s activities in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Website: www.wipo.org


Project implemented by:

Development Solutions (DS)

Designs and implements EC funded technical assistance and capacity building projects in emerging economies which highlight EC policies and regulatory practices in the fields of trade, economics and sustainable development. This work provides a platform for the facilitation of European trade, investment and business infrastructure in these markets.

Website: www.development-solutions.eu


The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (EuroCham)

EuroCham is a member of the European Business Organisation (EBO) and its principal business organisation in Indonesia. EuroCham Indonesia serves as the voice of European business in Indonesia and will be the main visibility and dissemination partner within the project across the targeted countries. EuroCham comprises 16 sector-specific working groups and horizontal working groups which include an IPR working group.

Website: www.eurocham.or.id


The European Business Organisation (EBO)

EBO was created between representatives of EU business associations in non-EU countries and specific interest groups from the European Commission. The main objective of the EBO is to promote exchanges of views between these associations and their host countries and to establish closer relationships between the Commission services and EBO members, raise awareness on EU policy priorities and activities and improve the basis for further development and implementation of EU policies. The EBO Network which extends in more than 20 countries over 3 continents (Asia-pacific, Europe and the Americas) aims at providing lobbying, information and a networking platform for European businesses Worldwide.

Website: www.ebonetwork.eu