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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia


Listen to bite-size Helpdesk podcasts for practical tips on protecting and expanding your business in ASEAN; typically only 5 minutes long, our podcasts feature expert advice on intellectual property issues and their solutions.


Smart City Series: Disaster Risk Reduction and IPR in South East Asia.

South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk colleague’s Maria and Mitchel will tell you everything about the role of intellectual property rights for technologies and software related to Disaster Risk Reduction in South-East Asia: because protecting lives and protecting your IPR are not mutually exclusive! So join us for the next five minutes and find out how to best protect your products in this sector.

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Smart City Series: IPR for Mobility and Infrastructure in Singapore & Malaysia

At the forefront of Smart City solutions, this audio podcast will look into IPR protection for mobility and infrastructure developments in Singapore and Malaysia. Within five minutes, South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk coworkers Jay and Mitchel will not only discuss how this sector is developing, but also how EU SMEs can best protect their products in these markets.

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Smart City Series: Waste Management IP Protection in China, Indonesia & the Philippines

For this Smart City Series podcast, the Helpdesk will look into the Waste Management Sector in China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Known for its numerous cities with multi-million populations, these three countries are plagued by the waste these cities produce. In the case of Indonesia and the Philippines specifically, population growth and urbanization rates only threaten to worsen this problem in the next decade. China deals with its own set of problems, as alternatives to waste incineration could play a central role in pollution reduction. As all three countries have opened up this sector to FDI, European SMEs active in urban waste management should not forget to protect their IPR like patents or trade-secrets. And this is where we step in – make sure to follow check it out.

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Smart City Series: IPR in the E-commerce Sector

For our new series, the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk will tackle issues related to Smart Cities and why European SMEs should be aware of their IP rights. For this podcast, we delve into the world of the E-commerce sector in South-East Asia, a highly innovative sector heavily reliant on technology. All the more reasons to protect your intellectual property!

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Industry-specific Podcast – IPR in the Sports Sector

In this podcast the Helpdesk colleagues Marianne and Jesper are discussing how sports landscape and relevant IP rights developed in the light of Rio Olympics. Also, they explain how athletes themselves are turned into trademarks which serves as a good example on the profits that IP rights can generate. Finally, they explain the importance of properly signed agreements on IP rights ownership and IP licensing. Tune in!

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Industry-specific Podcast – IPR in the Field of Entertainment

In this podcast the Helpdesk colleagues Marianne and Jesper are explaining how IP rights can be protected in the entertainment sector and more specifically in the Christmas industry. They explain why the trademarks need to be distinctive to be granted protection, how the image of Santa Claus is protected by copyright and when the first sleigh was granted a design patent. Happy holidays and tune in!

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