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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia


Helpdesk webinars feature a presentation and Q&A session with an ASEAN intellectual property and business expert. Click below to listen to the recordings of our previous webinars and learn more our upcoming ones.


Past Webinars

28 September Webinar – “IP Protection Strategies for the European SMEs in the Food and Beverages Sector in China and South-East Asia”

This joint webinar was organized in cooperation between the China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks and the IP Key Action of the EU in China (www.ipkey.org). The aim of the webinar was to advise European SMEs on how they can best protect their IP in the Food and Beverages sector in China and South-East Asia. The IP experts Davide Follador and Valentina Salmoiraghi gave a short overview of the current state of the F&B market, along with pointing out opportunities for European SMEs, in China and South-East Asia with a focus on Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. 

The experts discussed the registration and protection of most important types of IP in F&B sector including trade marks, Geographical Indications, trade secrets and design patents for the packaging layout. European SMEs also received practical tips on how to deal with infringements and how to enforce their IP rights. Both experts used extensive case studies including European SMEs to illustrate the IP issues that companies could face in China and South-East Asia.

 During the webinar following points were discussed: a short overview of the current market status in China and South-East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore) was given; information on how to register and protect your trade mark, Geographic Indications and package design was discussed; tips and practical advice on how to develop the best enforcement strategy to deal with the IP infringement was explained and case studies of European SMEs experiencing and overcoming IP issues in the F&B Sector in China and South-East Asia were presented. 




21 September Webinar – “How to Protect your IP in Creative Industries in China and South-East Asia?”

The webinar provided practical advice for European SMEs wishing to do business in creative industries  in China and South-East Asia. IPR expert Mr. Giovanni F. Casucci gave an overview of design, copyright and trade mark registration, protection and enforcement in China and South-East Asia. SMEs also received  some practical tips on how to protect their ideas and build a robust IP protection strategy in both regions. The expert  used extensive case studies involving European SMEs experiencing and overcoming IP challenges in creative industries in both regions.

During the webinar the expert focused on the following topics: giving an overview of design, copyright and trademark registration, protection and enforcement in China and South-East Asia; discussing how to protect your ideas; giving practical tips and watch-outs for designing a robust IP protection strategy in creative industries in both regions; and presenting some real-life situation examples of European SMEs experiencing and overcoming IP challenges in China and South-East Asia. 



19 September 2016 Webinar - “Dealing with counterfeit Goods in South-East Asian Countries”

The South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk held a webinar session that addressed counterfeiting in the ASEAN region. The Expert presentation given by Mr. Mats Udén introduced the most common examples of counterfeits, the routes used for smuggling illegal goods and provided practical tips on the following: i) How to identify counterfeit goods?, ii) How to deal with counterfeits?, and iiii) Which are the prevention and enforcement mechanisms in eliminating the risk of counterfeiting? The expert presentation was complemented by practical case study examples from South-East Asian countries. The webinar session includes interactive poll questions and is concluded by a live Q&A session.


13 September 2016 Webinar – “IPR Protection Strategies for EU SMEs from the Niche Markets in South-East Asia”

Increasing purchasing power and middle class in South-East Asian countries initiate greater interest in quality goods and subsequently in customised products which accommodate the niche markets. As niche markets present considerable expansion opportunities, this webinar looked into IP matters related to this market sector in South-East Asia. The IPR Expert Mr. Thomas Joseph Treutler provided overview of Intellectual Properties related to customised goods, the most common IP challenges in Southeast Asian countries, practical ‘pitfalls to avoid’ for EU SMEs, case studies from real life situations, as well as a live Q&A session. 


07 September Webinar – “Protecting your Inventions Abroad: Understanding the IP Landscape of Latin America, China and South-East Asia”

The webinar gave  an overview to the EU SMES about the most convenient legal mechanisms to protect and exploit their inventions in the Chinese, South-East Asian and Latin American markets. How much time and money it would take or when can they start commercializing their products – these are the most persisting questions for the SMEs that were answered by our Intellectual Property experts during the webinar.

SMEs were also provided with the best tips and watch-outs to bear in mind before, during and after entering the markets in those territories.

Moreover, any queries that the EU companies had, were solved by the experts conducting the training session.

The webinar focused on: Giving an overview of Patents and Utility Models, including patentability requirements and patent costs; providing detailed overview on how to register your patents and utility models in China, South-East Asia and Latin America; how to benefit from international patent registering systems like Paris Convention and Patent Cooperation Treaty; and when can companies start exploiting their inventions.