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Helpdesk webinars feature a presentation and Q&A session with an ASEAN intellectual property and business expert. Click below to listen to the recordings of our previous webinars and learn more our upcoming ones.


Past Webinars

Doing Business in Malaysia – Setting up Shop and Protecting IPR

This collaborative webinar "Doing Business in Malaysia" was organised in partnership with the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk and the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry SEBSEAM-M. The Helpdesk IP Expert Mr. Chris Hemingway provided insights into IP rights' registration and enforcement in Malaysia and complemented his presentation with real-life examples and IPR best practices. Additionally, the EUMCCI Expert Mr. Krzysztof Grzybowski explained the procedure for setting up shop in Malaysia, highlighted some hidden obstacles for new businesses, and provided a business outlook in general. The webinar includes 3 poll questions and is concluded by a live Q&A session.



25 January Webinar – “Protecting your Brand Abroad: Understanding the IP Landscape of Latin America, China and South-East Asia”

The webinar gave a comprehensive overview to the European SMEs on how they can best protect their brand in China's, South-East Asia's and Latin-America's markets. The experts provided practical information on how to register, protect and enforce trade mark rights in all three regions. SMEs also received some expert tips and watch-outs to bear in mind before, during and after entering the markets in those territories. During the Q&A session, the experts provided answers to various  SMEs' questions.



23 January Webinar – “IPR Protection in the Services Sector in Singapore”

South-East Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing markets, with several strong emerging economies and rapid development across a wide number of industrial sectors throughout the region. Singaporean Service Sector is one of them, presenting European companies with opportunities to grow and expand. In this Helpdesk webinar our Expert presents EU SMEs with an overview of the services sector in Singapore, introduces necessary IPR precaution measures, and provides applicable IP-focused business advice. The online presentation includes several case studies, IP tips for maximising your business success, and is concluded by a live Q&A session.



19 January Webinar – “Tourism Sector in Thailand – Business Opportunities and IPR”

This webinar was collaboratively organised by the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk and the Thai European Business Association (TEBA). The TEBA Expert Dr. Ajaree Tavornmas provided EU SMEs with an overview of the Thai tourism market and its growing business opportunities. The Helpdesk IP Expert Ms. Michelle Ray-Jones introduced the necessary IPR precaution measures to European SMEs who engage in the Thai tourism sector. The online presentations include recent developments on the tourism landscape, an IPR case study, practical tips on IPR enforcement, and is concluded by a live Q&A session.



19 December Webinar “IPR in the Entertainment Sector – Christmas Edition”

To mark the beginning of the festive season, the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk organized a Christmas themed webinar, in which our IP Expert, Mr. Nic Garnet, focused on intellectual property rights' protection in the field of Entertainment. The expert presentation is complemented by best practices and case study examples focused on the IPR protection in the following sub-sectors: 

  • Performing arts;
  • Visual arts;
  • Written works;
  • Music works;
  • Film industry.

The webinar provides you with practical IP steps to be taken before and during business activities in or related to the field of Entertainment. The presentation is complemented by interactive poll questions and live Q&A session.