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Helpdesk webinars feature a presentation and Q&A session with an ASEAN intellectual property and business expert. Click below to listen to the recordings of our previous webinars and learn more our upcoming ones.


Past Webinars

23 January 2018 Webinar - Due Diligence of IPR in M&A Transactions in South-East Asia

For any European SME venturing into South-East Asia, due diligence of intellectual property rights in M&A will be brought forward sooner or later. This Webinar therefore provided these SME's with tips and brought forward any issues they might encounter. Therefore join the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk expert, Ms. Vanja Kovacevic, to learn everything you need to know to protect your IPR during M&A transactions in South-East Asia.

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19 December 2017 Webinar - How to Effectively Deal with Counterfeits in Thailand

For companies eager to explore opportunities in Thailand, this webinar provided the exact information how to deal with Counterfeits. Through this Webinar, our expert Franck Fougere will explore options how to best protect your products through useful IP assets, how to work with Thailand’s Customs, as well as how to effectively follow up on counterfeit products in Thailand.


12 December 2017 Webinar – Setting the Scene: an IPR Introduction to Myanmar

With the country's recent liberalisation for foreign companies, Myanmar is the latest South-East Asian destination to catch the eye of many European SMEs. Yet its IPR landscape is still in its infancy, providing for an interesting dynamic for adventurous SMEs ready to tackle the many opportunities available. This Webinar provided EU SMEs with a concise overview of Myanmar's current IP landscape and went into everything they need to know to protect their IPR. It touched upon new legislative developments and other relevant issues related to IP assets, IP protection, IP registration and infringement.


06 December Webinar - Indonesian Business Opportunities: Company Watch-out's and IPR

The South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk, together with the UK-ASEAN Business Council, brought this collaborative webinar which focused on Indonesian Business Opportunities: Company Watch-out's and IPR in the Textile Industry. We will first delve into the complicated world of doing business in ASEAN and Indonesia specifically - uncovering some of the struggles you may run into, as well as some aspects you should try to avoid. This is supported by current experiences in Indonesia. Next we will zoom in on Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia's textile sector specifically.


23 October – Managing your IP in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry in China and South-East Asia

China and South-East Asia accommodate the world's fastest-growing medical and pharmaceutical industries. China as well as many South-East Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore are investing heavily into development of their health-care systems. Key drivers of the market expansion include the rising health care awareness and needs fueled by economic growth, large and aging populations and increasing total per capita health-care spending. As the European SMEs working in pharmaceutical medical will have many opportunities in China and South-East Asia, they also face many IP challenges as counterfeiting are still commonplace in China and South-East Asia. This webinar gave European SMEs an overview of IP protection tools in China and South-East Asia. The experts offered expert tips to draft a comprehensive IP strategy for the medical and pharmaceutical industry in both regions and provided real life case studies involving European SMEs experiencing and overcoming IP issues in medical and pharmaceutical sector