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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia


Helpdesk webinars feature a presentation and Q&A session with an ASEAN intellectual property and business expert. Click below to listen to the recordings of our previous webinars and learn more our upcoming ones.


Past Webinars

IP matters in the Food & Beverage Sector related to Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia

The collaborative webinar, organised by the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk and the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea), discussed IP matters in the Food and Beverage Sector in Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. This online-training was organised as a follow-up to our Prepatory Briefing Meeting (October 13, 2016) on the occasion of Commissioner Phil Hogan's visit to Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. 



2 March Webinar – “How to Protect your Design in Indonesia and Singapore?”

This webinar was brought to you together with our IP Expert Mr. Elio De Tullio. The expert presentation introduced possible ways to register and enforce your design rights in Indonesia and Singapore. Additionally to the industrial design patents, European SMEs can also benefit from copyright and non-conventional trademark protection for packaging, 3D shapes, colors and animations. The online training includes take-away messages, two IPR case studies, and a live Q&A session.



20 February Webinar – “How to Use Customs to Protect your IP in China and South-East Asia”

The webinar provided practical IP advice for European SMEs on how they can cooperate with the Customs authorities to protect their IP in China and South-East Asia. Our IPR SME Helpdesk expert Mr. Philippe Girard-Foley gave the SMEs  a comprehensive overview of different customs procedures in China and South-East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia in particular). SMEs  received also some tips on how to draft best strategies for IP protection with the Customs in both China and South-East Asia. The IPR Expert used several case-studies involving European SMEs to illustrate both challenges in IP protection with the customs and best practice in both China and South-East Asia. 



Doing Business in Malaysia – Setting up Shop and Protecting IPR

This collaborative webinar "Doing Business in Malaysia" was organised in partnership with the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk and the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry SEBSEAM-M. The Helpdesk IP Expert Mr. Chris Hemingway provided insights into IP rights' registration and enforcement in Malaysia and complemented his presentation with real-life examples and IPR best practices. Additionally, the EUMCCI Expert Mr. Krzysztof Grzybowski explained the procedure for setting up shop in Malaysia, highlighted some hidden obstacles for new businesses, and provided a business outlook in general. The webinar includes 3 poll questions and is concluded by a live Q&A session.



25 January Webinar – “Protecting your Brand Abroad: Understanding the IP Landscape of Latin America, China and South-East Asia”

The webinar gave a comprehensive overview to the European SMEs on how they can best protect their brand in China's, South-East Asia's and Latin-America's markets. The experts provided practical information on how to register, protect and enforce trade mark rights in all three regions. SMEs also received some expert tips and watch-outs to bear in mind before, during and after entering the markets in those territories. During the Q&A session, the experts provided answers to various  SMEs' questions.