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Snapshot: Business in Laos for EU Companies


(Source: DG Trade)

SIZE of Market

  • EU exports in total goods to Laos in 2015: EUR 123 million
  • EU imports in total goods from Laos in 2015: EUR 238 million
  • Total trade in goods in 2015: EUR 361 million
  • EU exports in services to Laos in 2014:
  • EUR 83 million EU imports in services from Laos in 2014: EUR 93 million
  • Total trade in services in 2014: EUR 176 million 
  • Laos’ GDP in 2015 was EUR 11.3 billion 
  • Laos’ GDP growth in 2015 was 7.0%

Laos was the EU’s 141st largest trade partner in 2015. The EU is Laos’ 4th largest trade partner after Thailand, China and Vietnam 


Key INDUSTRY SECTORS - 2015 (source: DG Trade) 

  • The EU’s main exports to Laos are dominated by (i) machinery and appliances (25.1%); (ii) products of the chemical or allied industries (12.3%); (iii) pearls, precious metals, and articles thereof (12.1%); and (iv) transport equipment (11.0%).
  • The EU’s imports from Laos are dominated by (i) textiles and textile articles (67.1%); and (ii) vegetable products (18.0%).