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Snapshot: Business in Myanmar for EU Companies


(Source: DG Trade)

SIZE of Market

  • EU exports in goods to Myanmar in 2015: EUR 548 million
  • EU imports in goods from Myanmar in 2015: EUR 675 million
  • Total trade in goods in 2015: EUR 1,223 million
  • EU exports in services to Myanmar in 2014: EUR 312 million
  • EU imports in services from Myanmar in 2014: EUR 183 million
  • Total trade in services in 2014: EUR 495 million 
  • Myanmar GDP in 2015: EUR 60.4 billion (Source: DG Trade) 
  • Myanmar GDP growth in 2015: 7.0% (Source: DG Trade)

In 2015, Myanmar ranked 100th among the EU’s trading partners. Conversely, the EU is Myanmar’s 6th largest trading partner overall (accounting for 3.6% of Myanmar’s total external trade in 2015), following China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and India. 

Challenges include:

  • Government inefficiencies, corruption and transparency;
  • Unclear legal, judicial and bureaucratic systems;
  • Large need for infrastructure and skilled labour.

Key INDUSTRY SECTORS - 2015 (Source: DG Trade)

  • EU exports to Myanmar are dominated by i) Machinery and appliances (32.8%); ii) Transport equipment (21.4%) and iii) Products of the chemical or allied industries (18.6%).
  • EU imports from Myanmar are dominated by i) Textiles and textile articles (62.6%), ii) Vegetable products (14.0%) and (iii) Pearls, precious metals and articles thereof (6.9%).