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Snapshot: Business in Thailand for EU Companies


(Source: DG Trade)

SIZE of Market:

  • EU exports of goods to Thailand in 2015: EUR 13.4 billion
  • EU imports of goods from Thailand in 2015: EUR 19.6 billion
  • Total trade in goods in 2015: EUR 32.9 billion
  • EU exports of services to Thailand in 2014: EUR 3.2 billion
  • EU imports of services from Thailand in 2014: EUR 5.8 billion
  • Total trade in services in 2014: EUR 9.0 billion
  • Thailand GDP in 2015: EUR 356.3 billion
  • Thailand GDP growth in 2015: 2.8% 

Total trade in goods in 2015: The EU is Thailand’s 3rd largest trading partner after China and Japan, while Thailand is the EU’s 23rd largest trading partner.

Negotiations for an EU-Thailand Free Trade Agreement (FTA) were formally launched in March 2013, marking an important step in EU-Thai relations. The ambition is to conclude a comprehensive FTA, covering tariffs, nontariff barriers and other trade related issues such as services, investment, procurement, intellectual property, regulatory issues, competition and sustainable development.


  • The top three EU exports to Thailand were (i) Machinery and appliances (33.1%), (ii) Products of the chemical or allied industries (14.6%) and (iii) Transport and equipment (12.1%).
  • The top three EU imports from Thailand were (i) Machinery and appliances (40.8%), (ii) Foodstuffs, beverages, tobacco (10.5%) and (iii) Transport equipment (8.7%), tied with Plastics, rubber and articles thereof (8%).