South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk

26 April 2017 - Successful EU Gateway | Business Avenues – IPR SME Helpdesk collaboration for business opportunities in Asia

The China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks are always looking for partners to help bring IPR information and services to the attention of EU SMEs, and a meaningful partnership of continuous support is taking shape with EU Gateway | Business Avenues in relation to China and South-East Asia.

Through years of experience in hosting high quality business missions for various industries, EU Gateway | Business Avenues has also provided a platform to directly engage EU SMEs participants on the topic of IP protection and enforcement in China and in South-East Asia.

“The IPR presentation was the best one I've ever heard”
Markku Rajala (Finland)
Participant from a EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission in South East Asia


“The HelpDesk is an excellent opportunity to protect your IP”
Jörg Fischer (Germany)
Participant from a EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission to China


EU Gateway | Business Avenues missions are funded by the EU and provide European companies with direct access to Asian markets and local players, professional coaching and tailored business matchmaking. All this leads to long-term collaborations, signing of contracts, closing of business deals, new local partners and distributors, and an increased understanding and establishment in the market. When complimented with the Helpdesks’ free of charge services for EU SMEs expanding in China and South-East Asia, it creates the necessary conditions for successful and sustainable market entry.

EU Gateway | Business Avenues has been active in Asia for the past 20 years. Since the first pilot missions in 2014 in South-East Asia and to China this year, hundreds of European companies have had the opportunity to expand their business in these markets through the programme. From 8-14 March 2017, the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk was present at the Contemporary European Design business mission to Singapore and Indonesia, reaching out to 40 Companies from 15 European countries. From 20-24 March, the China IPR SME Helpdesk attended the first EU Gateway business mission for Clean Technologies to China, engaging with 39 European companies from 14 European countries.

The Helpdesks’ Advisors and External Experts provided customised support to the missions in 2017 by providing industry specific webinars, IP briefings, and also shared case studies and publications with all participants. Approximately 80 IP enquiries were replied during the mentioned missions. Topics of relevance included first-line advice on how to draw a comprehensive business and IP strategy in these respective markets to support internationalisation plans.

The number of business missions under EU Gateway | Business Avenues is intensifying in 2017 with a total of 3 upcoming and confirmed business missions in South-East Asia and one in Healthcare & Medical Technologies mission to China. Additionally, the IPR SME Helpdesk is always present at each mission’s pre-departure meeting in Brussels to brief participants on the importance of IP rights for their products.

While the missions support companies engage meaningfully in many aspects of exporting to Asia, participants also benefit from tailored one-to-one IP consultation and support while exhibiting their products at trade fairs, as well as on-site support in case of IP infringements taking place at the trade fair.

Are you a European company interested in expanding your business in China or South-East Asia? Make sure to apply online to the next EU Gateway | Business Avenues missions – and look for the free of charge services provided by the China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks.