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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia

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With increased access to broadband networks, a proliferation of WiFi sites and a burgeoning smartphone market, Internet usage in some of the ASEAN countries is now surpassing traditional media such as TV, radio and print. Although the internet is an attractive business and marketing platform for many European SMEs working with or in Southeast Asia, it is also an ideal platform for infringers to sell counterfeit products and commit fraud. The Internet provides a low cost method of reaching consumers around the world without revealing identity or origin of operation, meaning that infringers can operate anonymously.

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06/11/2013 - Find out more about IP protection in Myanmar by downloading the latest Webinar recording!

Myanmar is one of the world's most isolated frontiers, but today it is teaming with activity and beginning to embrace large scale foreign trade and investment. Because of the recency of its global integration, doing business and IPR protection in Myanmar is with replete with pitfalls. It is best for European SMEs to be equipped with the proper knowledge before they go. In this webinar session, participants received key, practical information on how to protect their ideas and innovations when conducting business in/with Myanmar from Helpdesk expert Daniel Grief.