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South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk Guide to Trade Mark Protection in South-East Asia Countries

Given the increasing prominence and attractiveness of the South-East Asia market, it is advisable that trade mark owners give these countries serious consideration, even if you do not have immediate plans to expand into the region. A rapid rise in disposable income has signalled a shift whereby local businesses in South-East Asia are now steadily increasing their product mix in order to meet the growing demands of a rising middle class. It is increasingly common for local Southeast Asian businesses to look to Europe for "inspiration", a trend that could easily lead to imitation of products branded and/or developed there. Many European trade mark owners are confronted with this harsh reality too late, and only when their branding has been copied or registered to local parties. This guide walks you through an overview of trade marks, how to apply for them, legislative differences between South-East Asia countries, and how to enforce your rights in case of an infringement.