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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia

Join us in Liege for the Helpdesk seminar 'Protecting your business and innovations in South-East Asia', 19 November 2013, Liege

The ASEAN Helpdesk partnered with Liege Creative to organise a seminar entitled ‘Protecting your business and innovations in South-East Asia” to be held in Liege, Belgium. The ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk Philippe Deltomber expert will introduce the IPR landscape in the ASEAN region, identify the potential pitfalls for European businesses and describe fundamental measures that companies should take to protect their innovations and competitive edge. You will learn more about the IP landscape in the ASEAN region, including IPR protection strategies and relevant case studies as well as the free services available for SME from the Helpdesk.The presentation followed by a short Q&A session and informal individual one-on-one consultation for SMEs during the lunch.

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