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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia

11-04-2014: Launch of new programme 'EU Business Avenues in South East Asia'

The European Union is set to spend as much as €5m to support the extension of its 'Gateway' business programme into Southeast Asia.

The EU Gateway initiative, previously focusing only on Japan and Korea, is now aiming to help European companies develop their business in Southeast Asia. The  new project in Southeast Asia will focus initially on Singapore as a business hub from which to European companies can forge links with the emerging markets in the ASEAN region.

The so-called "EU Business Avenues" aims to strengthen the presence of European companies in South East Asia by organising one week Business Missions to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. It provides strategic, logistic and financial support for European SMEs to gain first-hand experience of dynamic, local markets and establish business contacts with South East Asian companies.

EU Business Avenues focuses its activities on the Clean Technologies and Interior Design sectors. If your business is active in these fields and seeking to develop its activities in South East Asia, EU Business Avenues can help! 

For more information visit the EU Business Avenues website on https://www.businessavenues.eu/