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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia

Past Webinars

Protecting Intellectual Property in Retail sector in South-East Asia

Southeast Asia’s booming economic growth have been attracting many investors in various industries, especially the retail sector. In the same time, the issue of protecting intellectual property has emerged as one of the top concerns of many companies when they plan to do business in this region.

What is the best way to protect your Intellectual Property in the retail sector when doing business in South-East Asia? What action should we take now?

How to Navigate the Legal Framework and IPR Protection in Vietnam's Growing Food Industry

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement was signed on June 30. Beyond lower customs duty rates, this deal will create easier market access for German food, drinks and agricultural products, food processing technology and know-how in Vietnam as well as new sourcing opportunities beyond Vietnam’s already strong export items coffee, pepper and seafood. In addition to a strong local consumer market of 97 million, Vietnam is also an ideal gateway to the emerging ASEAN region.

Doing Business in Philippines and IPR Basics

Parrticipants of this webinar discuss how to get started in doing business in the Philippines and what industries are attractive to foreign investors. In addition, key IP considerations relevant to these sectors are introduced. This webinar was co-organised by the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines and South-east Asia IPR SME Helpdesk.

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Patent protection in Indonesia: New developments that businesses should know

Indonesia makes up of the world's fourth largest population, providing a huge domestic market of 260 million people who are young, tech-savvy with increasing disposable income. To successfully thrive in this potential market, businesses need to understand the holistic approach to protect their intellectual property, especially Patent.

Experts Ms. Marta Bettinazzi, our IP Business Advisor, and Mr. Andrew Diamond, External Expert of the SEA IPR SME Helpdesk, present on patent-related issues and give tips and recommendations on patent protection in the Indonesian market.

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Webinar: Intellectual Property protection for Innovative technologies: What to know

The South-east Asia IPR SME Helpdesk collaborated with the BELS+ project, funded by the European GNSS Agency under the European Union’s Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, under grant agreement no. 776369, to organize a webinar on Intellectual Property Rights related to South-East Asia addressed to companies participating in the BELS+ project or interested in business with South-East Asia in the field of GNSS. To establish new business relations in South-East Asia, it is essential to learn key insights on Intellectual Property (IP) assets such as Trademarks, Patents, copyrights, etc. 

IPR protection in China and Southeast Asia: implications for the fashion, design and textile industries

Although the fashion, design and textile industries were initially developed in Europe and the United – States, these days it is an international and highly globalized sector, with garments often designed in one country, manufactured in another and then sold worldwide. Against this backdrop, emerging Asian countries are playing a key role in the production chain and as potential consumer markets. China and South – East Asia markets present both opportunities as manufacturing hubs and as maturing consumer markets but also some risks, as potential source of counterfeit merchandise. Thus, there are numerous opportunities for European businesses to benefit from these thriving markets.

Your IPR in South-East Asia: Enforce it or lose it?

What would you do if you know someone is using your Intellectual Properties (IP) without your authorization?

Will you take actions to enforce it, or risk losing one of your most important business assets? Noting that the South-East Asia region is a strong global manufacturing hub and a dynamic growing consumer market, it is not unusual for companies to encounter locally or regionally produced counterfeit goods and other IP infringement cases.

How can CPTPP change Vietnam's IP landscape?

On 14 January 2019, Vietnam became the seventh country to ratify the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). After going live, the new agreement has brought about a number of substantial changes to Vietnam’s Intellectual Property landscape, some of which took immediate effect on 14 January 2019. It concerns trade marks, patents for domain names, and IP enforcementand other topics.

How do these changes affect businesses?

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Managing your Trade mark portfolio with Madrid System in 8/10 ASEAN countries

The Madrid System enables streamlined multinational trade mark registration by filing a single international application with the national or regional IP office of a Madrid System member. The accession of Indonesia to the Madrid Protocol marked the 8th member of ASEAN to join the Union. It is considered a move that further reinforces ASEAN’s goal of strengthening IP protection throughout the region. Join the webinar with our expert speakers: Ms. Marta Bettinazzi – our IP Business Advisor and Ms. Vanja Kovacevic - Southeast Asia Director of Schmitt and Orlov Asia, to equip yourself with tips and recommendations on how to utilise the Madrid System to manage your Trade mark portfolio in 8/10 ASEAN countries (except for Malaysia and Myanmar).

17 December 2018 Webinar – Protecting your trade marks in Myanmar: What’s new?

After decades of constrained growth, Myanmar has now consistently been one of the fastest growing economies worldwide thanks to its continuous policy improvements. In terms of IPR protection, unfortunately, Myanmar’s legal framework for IPR is not yet up to international standards. The Webinar provided necessary information you need to know about Trade mark protection in Myanmar, alerting you about the changes in IP legislations including the recently-enacted Registration Act and the Draft Trademark Law, and advising you what you need to do to protect your trade marks – your business in Myanmar.

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