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How to Navigate the Legal Framework and IPR Protection in Vietnam's Growing Food Industry

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement was signed on June 30. Beyond lower customs duty rates, this deal will create easier market access for German food, drinks and agricultural products, food processing technology and know-how in Vietnam as well as new sourcing opportunities beyond Vietnam’s already strong export items coffee, pepper and seafood. In addition to a strong local consumer market of 97 million, Vietnam is also an ideal gateway to the emerging ASEAN region.

OAV in cooperation with SCHULZ NOACK BÄRWINKEL Rechtsanwälte PartmbB and the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam offer a webinar to support companies – especially producers, trading companies, importers and exporters - for a successful market entry in Vietnam. For this purpose we have chosen two topics for the webinar: “The legal framework of the Vietnamese food sector” and “Keys tips for IP protection when attending trade fairs in Vietnam”. The webinar will help you to understand the legal framework for exporting food products to the country, including import procedures for different food categories, food labelling requirements as well as food advertisement, and will also outline the administrative practice of the competent authorities in the area of food safety law and the legal consequences of violations.

Dr. Jörg-Michael Scheil is a German attorney-at-law with over 20 years experience in China and Vietnam, and he is licensed as foreign practicing lawyer in both countries. He regularly advises clients from the food sector. Recently, Behr’s Verlag in Hamburg published his book “Food labelling in China and Vietnam”.

Our second speaker, Ms. Nora Bihari, Project Manager of the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk at the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam will elaborate on what companies should keep in mind when displaying their products at trade fairs in Vietnam in regard to IPR protection.

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