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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia

Helpdesk Podcasts

Listen to bite-size Helpdesk podcasts for practical tips on protecting and expanding your business in ASEAN; typically only 5 minutes long, our podcasts feature expert advice on intellectual property issues and their solutions.

Industry Specific Podcast – Intellectual Property Rights Protection in the Textile Industry in China and Indonesia

The textile industry in China and Indonesia have been rapidly growing. Together with the classic textile production, there has also been a growth in the use of technology by producers and suppliers of textile and finished goods in both markets in recent years. This podcast details different IP issues relevant for the textile Industry and its subsectors.

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Espresso IP 11 - Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights on Trade Fairs in China and South-East Asia

In this podcast, Helpdesk colleague’s Yixin and Mitchel will talk you through protecting intellectual property rights on trade fairs. For many European SMEs, trade fairs is the first point of entry to enter the market in China or South-East Asia. However, without a proper IP strategy, this can also be the place where IP infringement is most likely to take place. Have a listen to this podcast to make sure you know exactly which steps to take to keep your IPR protected.

Industry specific podcast – IPR protection for the Cosmetics Industry in China and Vietnam

Who does not want to look beautiful? Audiences in China and Vietnam certainly do! In this podcast, Helpdesk colleagues Marianne and Mitchel delve into IP protection for European SMEs in the Cosmetics Industry. To make sure that your consumers are not only beautiful, but that your IP Protection is just as nice.

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Smart City Series - IPR protection for Engineering and Technical Services in Malaysia and the Philippines

Malaysia and the Philippines are two of South-East Asia’s most promising developing countries. It comes as no surprise that the engineering and technical industries in both countries are booming. This Podcast provides European SMEs with a concise overview of what exactly they need to know to protect their IP assets in both countries. Helpdesk colleagues Maria and Mitchel will focus on trade marks, patents and much more!

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Espresso IP 10 – An Introduction to IP Protection in Myanmar

In this podcast, Helpdesk colleagues Lisandra and Mitchel provide you with a basic IP understanding of Myanmar. As the country has only recently opened for foreign investment, it provides plenty of opportunities for EU SMEs to explore. At the same time, it is crucial not to neglect your IP either. So have a listen to this podcast and find out the situation in 2017 regarding the IP landscape in Myanmar.

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Industry-Specific Podcast – IPR protection in the Creative Industries for China & South-East Asia

Creative industries are those having their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent, and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property. Examples include industries relating to art, design, music and media. Learn more about IP options for the creative industries in South-East Asia.

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Industry-Specific Podcast – IPR for Agri-Business in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia

In this industry-specific podcast, South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk coworkers Belen and Mitchel delve into relevant IPR topics related to Agri-Business in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Specifically focusing on Patents and Trade Secrets, make sure to listen to this podcast to find out anything you need to know to have your IP assets secured.

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Smart City Series - IPR for Smart Technology in South-East Asia’s Healthcare Sector

In Today’s Smart City Series Podcast, Helpdesk Colleague’s Marianne and Mitchel will look into IP Protection for Smart Technology in the Health Sector in South-East Asia. Many European SMEs look into long-term sustainable solutions that provide greater comfort for an ever more demanding and technologically developed consumer-base and the demand for these technologies and services is quickly growing in South-East Asia.  So please join us for the next five minutes and learn everything you should know to protect your IP in this sector.

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Smart City Series – IPR Protection for Green Building in China and Vietnam

The China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks join forces for this informative podcast on IPR Protection for Green Building in China and Vietnam. Jesper and Mitchel will delve into this quickly growing sector with regards to two champions of construction in the region: China and Vietnam. They will give you some useful tips to make sure your product is always sufficiently protected.

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