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Sovath, Phin

Name: Sovath, Phin
Firm: Bun & Associates
Location: Cambodia


At Bun & Associates, Sovath leads intellectual property and co-leads corporate and dispute resolution practice groups. He has particular expertise, extensive legal background and a strong experience in providing advice and support for the protection, commercialization, and enforcement of intellectual property rights to a wide range of right holders in various sectors. He has recently acted as a Short-Term Consultant to provide Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Commerce, Department of Intellectual Property, in a Trademark Data Validation Project, which is involved in the screening, verification, reporting and validation of 55,000 registered marks and 45,000 post activities. He has taught various business-law related subjects, including corporate and intellectual property law within and outside Cambodia, and published articles on Cambodian intellectual property law. Sovath acted as a National Legal Adviser for international organizations by assisting the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia in drafting competition law and the law on food safety and the Ministry of Health of Cambodia in drafting food safety regulations and the law concerning public health and intellectual property.

Sovath is admitted to the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia. He is one of the first selected commercial arbitrators in Cambodia and has become a member of the National Commercial Arbitration Centre (NCAC) and a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitration (SIArb). He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of the NCAC. Sovath is a qualified Trademark Agent in Cambodia, registered with the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia. He is a member of ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (ASEAN IPA) and Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA). Sovath holds a Doctor of Laws (Comparative Law) from Nagoya University Graduate School of Law, Japan. He is influent in Khmer and English.