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Manage your Intellectual Property in South-East Asia


23 February 2016 Webinar - “Branding strategies in South-East Asia”

As the Helpdesk is intensifying its portfolio in the South-East Asia region, during the Breakfast Briefing webinar an overview of the Helpdesk services is provided. Regional IP experts are sharing their expertise and discuss Branding strategies for this boosting economic region, an area encompassing ten countries and more than 620 million inhabitants. Economically it represents the EU's 3rd largest trading partner outside Europe with growing volume of trade in goods and services.

The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

26 April 2016 Webinar: ‘IP challenges for Vietnam's implementation of the EVFTA’

During the webinar the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk expert Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phi Nga discusses how IP can be integrated into the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phi Nga explores examples of IP challenges that Vietnam may face whilst implementing the FTA. Also, it is explained how the country benefits from implementing the Agreement, for example how EVTA improves enforcement of IP rights and provides automatic protection of undisclosed data. 

The webinar focuses on but is not limited to these following topics:

1 October 2014 – Introduction aux stratégies PI en Asie du Sud-Est

18 June 2014 - How to Protect Your Trade Secrets While Doing Business in Southeast Asia

Tout le monde parle des nouvelles occasions d'affaires qu'offre le marché Asie du Sud-Est, mais qu'en est-il des risques? Chaque année, les entreprises européennes perdent des millions d'euros en raison de la violation de leurs droits de propriété intellectuelle (DPI), à savoir la violation des marques, brevets et droits d'auteur. Une connaissance solide de votre propriété intellectuelle, ainsi qu’une stratégie de protection des droits de propriété intellectuelle adéquate, est essentielle au succès de l'entreprise en Asie du Sud-Est. Si vous envisagez d'entrer sur le marché asiatique du sud-est, quelle est votre stratégie pour protéger votre propriété intellectuelle? Les sujets suivants seront discutés à répondre à cette question:

2 July 2014 – Intellectual Property as a Business Asset in Southeast Asia

Intangible assets such as inventions, designs and brands frequently represent over 50% of a business’ value, which are usually protected by intellectual property such as trade marks, patents and copyrights. Managing these assets strategically will help you capture the value of your IPR and could significantly increase the financial valuation of your business.

This webinar helps you understand the importance of Intellectual Property for your business by highlighting the following:

21 May 2014 – Due Diligence – Dealing with Partners and Contracts in Southeast Asia

21 May 2014 – Due Diligence – Dealing with Partners and Contracts in Southeast Asia

Nearly all businesses in all industries and sectors possess intellectual property (IP) assets such as patents and copyrights, which are extremely valuable for businesses. When doing business in Southeast Asia there are some important considerations you want to keep in mind when dealing with partners in Southeast Asia. Additionally, one of your most important tools to protect these assets in Southeast Asia are contracts.

26 February 2014 - IPR Protection Strategies for EU SMEs in Cambodia, Laos and Brunei

Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei have seen have seen rapid economic progress over the last decade, offering a wealth of opportunities for European companies. Cambodia’s economy has been growing by more than 7% in the last ten years and is currently the EU’s seventh largest trading partner in region, while Laos joined the WTO last year, opening itself up to the world market. Brunei is a small, but wealthy nation in the ASEAN region committed to the diversification of its market. These fast-growing, market-based economies have already implemented important reforms in the IP legislation, but challenges remain in these constantly changing legal environments.

11 Dicembre 2013 - Strategie di Protezione dei Diritti di Proprietà Intellettuale per le PMI che lavorano in/con il Sud-Est Asiatico

Con una forza lavoro sempre più qualificata ed un attraente ambiente imprenditoriale, sempre più aziende europee si stanno espandendo nella regione del Sud-Est Asiatico (ASEAN). Per sfruttare al meglio le opportunità disponibili, tutte le piccole e medie imprese (PMI) devono assicurarsi che i loro diritti di proprietà intellettuale (IPR) siano protetti ed applicabili nei paesi dell'ASEAN con i quali conducono affari (Brunei, Cambogia, Indonesia, Laos, Malesia, Myanmar, Filippine, Singapore, Thailandia e Vietnam).