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06/02/2014 - Joint-Chamber Breakfast talk on “Intellectual Property in Thailand” - Bangkok, Thailand, 19 February 2014

Joint-Chamber Breakfast talk on “Intellectual Property in Thailand”

Bangkok, Thailand 19 February 2014


The protection of intellectual property rights is essential for all businesses in order to maintain economic growth and competitiveness in the marketplace. Whether you are a fashion company, a food and beverage producer or a furniture manufacturer, one of the biggest challenges facing SMEs in the Thai market is how to protect your IP from infringement and how discourage potential infringers from counterfeiting your products. This seminar, co-organised by the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce in association with the ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk, aims to provide you with the necessary tools to better protect, manage and enforce your intellectual property rights by giving an overview of the IP landscape, providing tips and best practice advice and showing examples of case studies concerning the above mentioned issues in Thailand.

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