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Webinar: The Impact of the Pandemic on Brand Protection and IP in China and South-East Asia (Co-organised by China & SEAHDs)

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1. Event Details: 

Event type: Webinar

Date: Wednesday 24 June

Time: 10:00 AM (CEST) - 4:00 PM (CNT) - 3:00 PM (ICT)

Venue: Online


2. Programme Synopsis:

China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks are proudly introducing an upcoming webinar with the focus on “The Impact of the Pandemic on Brand Protection and IP in China and South-East Asia”.


This live session will be conducted by Mr. Simon Cheetham, Team Leader of the China Helpdesk & External Expert of the South-East Asia Helpdesk; as well as Founder & Managing Director of Erinyes International Ltd in the United Kingdom. Simon has more than 30 years’ extensive experience of commercial investigations, due diligence, loss prevention and IPR enforcement, not only in China but also worldwide.


3. Programme Content:

  • Moving towards the online market, an increase in counterfeit products, cyber-theft of trade secrets;
  • What else has changed in the Covid-19 Era: Recent developments in China and South-East Asia;
  • Changes / Opportunities in the supply chain: Is Covid-19 a sign for companies to diversify – How to get your IP portfolio ready?

Practical Information

Miércoles, Junio 24, 2020 - 11:00 to 12:00
  • Online



Webinar Session
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