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17/12/2013 - 'How to Effectively Protect Your IP While Doing Business in Malaysia' is available for download!

Thanks to decades of industrial growth and political stability, Malaysia has one of the most vibrant economies in the Southeast Asia region. Malaysia is already the EU’s second largest trading partner in the region (after Singapore), offering vast opportunities for EU SMEs.

In this webinar session, participants received key, practical information on how to protect ideas and innovations when conducting business in/with Malaysia. ASEAN Helpdesk expert Chris Hemingway introduced free services available at the Helpdesk and gave an overview of IPR protection strategies in Malaysia, including:

  • General background information and legal environment in Malaysia
  • IP rights available and registration processes
  • IP disputes (ease of enforcement)
  • Examples of case law


Click to  Download webinar PPT or to  Download webinar recording.